Officer & Adviser History

Below is a list of past Section Officers and Advisers:

YearSection ChiefSection Adviser
G13/G13W2022-2023Lucia Eichelberger (Nebagamon)Bob Dixon (Tiwahe)
W6W/G132021-2022Damian Collins (Tiwahe) Gary Hnydowitz (Wipala Wiki)
W6W2020-2021Brian Legal (Tiwahe)Gary Hnydowitz (Wipala Wiki)
W6W2020Brian Legal (Tiwahe)Gary Hnydowitz (Wipala Wiki)
W6W2019-2020Ryan Gentry (Wipala Wiki)Gary Hnydowitz (Wipala Wiki)
W6W2018 – 2019Ajay Kumar (Tiwahe)Daniel Carman (Papago)
W6W2017-2018Vincent Despain (Wipala Wiki)Daniel Carman (Papago)
W6W2016-2017Elijah Martin (Nebagamon)Daniel Carman (Papago)
W6W2015–2016Tyler Ellison (Tiwahe)
Joe Garcia (Wipala Wiki)1
Tracy Schultze (Tiwahe)
W6W2014–2015Vianney Careaga (Papago)Tracy Schultze (Tiwahe)
W6W2013–2014Kelsey Files (Wipala Wiki)Michael Minnis (Wipala Wiki)
W6W2012–2013Vianney Careaga (Papago)Michael Minnis (Wipala Wiki)
W6W22011–2012Samuel Bellomy (Papago)Michael Minnis (Wipala Wiki)
W6W3,42010–2011Samuel Bellomy (Papago)Michael Minnis (Wipala Wiki)
W4W2009-2010Troy Wolver (Wipila Wiki)Michael Peters (Wipila Wiki)
W6W2008-2009Robert Lukowiak (Wipila Wiki)Michael Peters (Wipila Wiki)
W4C2007–2008John Kondziolka (Wipila Wiki)Mitch Hostmeyer (Nebagamon)
W4C2006–2007Chad Wolver (Wipala Wiki)1
Steven Heimark (Nebagamon)
Jeff Posey (Wipala Wiki)
W4C2005–2006Kieran Thompson (Wipala Wiki)1
Jeremy Scott (Wipala Wiki)
Jeff Posey (Wipala Wiki)
W4C2004-2005Patrick Murphy (Wipala Wiki)5 
Kieran Thompson (Wipala Wiki)
Joe Leisz (Papago)
W4C2004Patrick Murphy (Wipala Wiki)Joe Leisz (Papago)
W4C2003Jorge Delgadillo (Wipala Wiki)Paul Beames (Wipala Wiki)
W4C2002Gabe Rendon (Papago)Paul Beames (Wipala Wiki)
W4C2001Gabe Rendon (Papago)Kevin Mosher (Wipala Wiki)
W4C2000Gabe Rendon (Papago)Kevin Mosher (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1999David Gregory (Nebagamon)James Arriola (Nebagamon)
W4C1998Brady Dehn (Nebagamon)James Arriola (Nebagamon)
W4C1997Patrick Gamble (Wipala Wiki)Paul J. Dore Sr. (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1996Romy Brasher (Nebagamon)Paul J. Dore Sr. (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1994 – 1995Joe Scionti (Papago)1
Romy Brasher (Nebagamon)
Mike Hoffman (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1993 – 1994Scott Beckett (Nebagamon)6
Joe Leisz (Papago)
Mike Hoffman (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1992 – 1993Scott Beckett (Nebagamon)Jack Hess (Nebagamon)
W4C1991 – 1992Scott Beckett (Nebagamon)Rodger Bennet (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1990 – 1991James Arriola (Nebagamon)Chuck Miller (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1989 – 1990Jack Stephens (Chee Dodge)6
Roy Anderson (Wipala Wiki)
Chuck Miller (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1988 – 1989Jack Stephens (Chee Dodge)Chuck Miller (Wipala Wiki)
W5A1987Jeff McCormick (Wipala Wiki)Chuck Miller (Wipala Wiki)
W5A1986Terry Meier (Papago)Rollan Tuttle (Papago)
W5A1985Mike Hoffman (Wipala Wiki)5
Terry Meier (Papago)
Rollan Tuttle (Papago)
W5A1984Mike Hoffman (Wipala Wiki)Rollan Tuttle (Papago)
W5A1983W. Tilghman (Papago)Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W5A1982Wayne Witzig (Papago)
Marlan Coe (Nebagamon)
Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W5A1981John Austin (Wipala Wiki)Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W5A1980Jeff Tuttle (Papago)Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W5A1979Chester Key (Nebagamon)Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W4C1978Mike Mabry (Chee Dodge)Ken Hody (Nebagamon)
W4C1977Abe Arvizu (Wipala Wiki)
W4C1976Scott Hitt (Papago)George Renwick (Papago)
W4C1975John Packard (Salado)
W4C1974Ron Kennedy (Nebagamon)
W4C1973Cris Martin (Chee Dodge)
Area 12-F1972Alan Kleinschmidt (Wipala Wiki)
Area 12-F1971Brad Clark (Papago)
Area 12-F1970Tim Nicholson (Salado)
Area 12-F1969Bill Helmstetter (Nebagamon)
Area 12-F1968Kent Atha (Chee Dodge)
Area 12-F1967David Tharp (Wipala Wiki)
Area 12-F1966Mickey Razy (Nebagamon)
Area 12-F1965Paul Ring (Wipala Wiki)
Area 12-F1964Roger Brown
Area 12-F1963Rick Ayers (Chee Dodge)
Area 12-F1962Jerry Boles
Area 12-F1961Mike Hayhurst
Area 12-F1960Dwight Haupman
Area 12-F1959Dick Bartholomew (Papago)
Area 12-F1958Dick Bartholomew (Papago)
  1. Elected Western Region Chief
  2. In 2011 – 2012, John-Lancaster Finley from Tiwahe Lodge served as Section W4S Chief.
  3. In 2011, Joseph Garcia from Tiwahe Lodge served as Western Region Chief.
  4. In 2010, Joseph Garcia from Tiwahe Lodge served as Section W4S Chief.
  5. Elected National Vice Chief
  6. Elected National Chief